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We create the tools to help your company succeed in the market of tomorrow

About US

Joulco Square is a software and hardware provider focusing on the development of custom solutions. Our focus include the internet of things (IoT) as well as integrated cloud systems.
We strive to provide our clients with the tools to help their company succeed. 

Software Development

In the digital age no company can afford to be offline. By developing custom cloud solutions we can cater to our clients software needs. Our systems can be used to manage internal processes or it can be customised to provide an interface for your clients.

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Hardware Solution

Through collaboration with multiple hardware providers, we are able to supply integrated hardware solutions to capture, monitor and control different aspects of your business. We also develop our own hardware for custom solutions

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We make use of multiple hosting platforms to provide our client with hosting solutions to cater to every aspect of their company

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Our consultation services are developed to assist you in developing the correct solution to cater to your business needs

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Agriculture is becoming dependent on IoT solutions, we are developing solutions for the agriculture sector to assist farmers in effective farming

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Cold Monitoring

Quality is not optional in today's market. Real-time cloud based cold monitoring is the best way to ensure your products meet your quality standards

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GIS systems

We have developed a number of online map solutions

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